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Laser Vein Treatment

We are pleased to announce that our office recently added a new skin treatment tool that allows us to provide a simple cosmetic procedure for the removal of spider veins, age-related spots, freckles and other pigmented and vascular blemishes. This tool, the DioLite 532 laser, is the latest technology for the gentle, safe treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions.

What is the IroDex DioLite used to treat?

The DioLite 532 specifically targets vascular and pigmented blemishes, or signs of aging. A vascular lesion is formed by large or numerous blood vessels located directly under the skin, so they are visible or they create a look of redness to the skin. Spider veins are the most common vascular lesions and are usually found on the face or legs. Pigmented lesions are generally caused by melanin – the dark pigment in skin. When there is an abundance of melanin in the skin, it forms freckles, brown age spots and moles.

Vascular lesions treated by the IroDex DioLite include:

Telangiectasia – facial spider veins caused by a dilation of the capillary vessels or arterioles
Cherry Angiomas -slightly raised, red lesions
Spider Angiomas -slightly raised, red spider-like lesions
Rosacea – red facial lesions around the nose and cheeks, causing a sunburn look

Pigmented lesions treated by the IroDex DioLite include:

Lentigines – flat, brown spots found on skin with frequent sun exposure
Keratoses – slightly elevated pigmented spots often found on the back and hands
Freckles –  brownish spots on the skin; common on people with fair skin
Dermatosis Papulosis Nigra – small, black marks seen primarily on people of Asian or African descent

Does treatment hurt?

In most cases, there is no pain and anesthesia are not needed. Some patients report feeling a slight stinging sensation, followed by some redness, which goes away in two to four hours.

How long does treatment take?

In most cases, there is no pain, and anesthesia is not needed. Some patients report feeling a slight stinging sensation, followed by some redness, which goes away in two to four hours.

Where does treatment take place?

Treatment takes place conveniently, in the comfort of our offices.

How much does IroDex DioLite treatment cost?

It depends on the density of lesions being treated; however, treatment usually costs between $200 and $350.

Is there much post-treatment care?

Post-treatment care is minimal and very simple. The doctor may ask you to use an anti-bacterial ointment on the treated area for a short period of time and will suggest you stay out of the sun during the healing process.

When will the patient see results?

Results are almost immediate, and there is no post-treatment bruising. Final results may take between two and three weeks.

Who should consider treatment?

Anyone bothered by what they consider unattractive skin lesions is a candidate for treatment. After a brief examination, a doctor will be able to determine if laser treatment is appropriate.


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